7 Real Estate Investing Tax Strategies

What's inside?

In this free guide we’ve laid out some of our favorite tax strategies for real estate investors. These are strategies that we use to help our own clients pay less tax. In it we cover:

  • Real Estate Professional Status (REPS)
  • The Short Term Rental Exception
  • Maximizing Safe Harbors
  • Partial Asset Disposal
  • Poor Man's 1031 Exchange
  • Cost Segregation
  • Grouping Election

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Looking for results like this?

Dan had taken a large distribution from his 401k in order to invest in real estate.

When he learned of the huge amount of taxes he was going to need to pay he went looking for help.

He found just the help he was looking for in Midwest CPA. After engaging us he was able to reduce his effective tax rate down below 10% and reduce his taxable income by over $265,000

Reduced taxable income by...
Reduced effective tax rate to...
< 10%

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When you download these real estate investing tax strategies you’ll immediately benefit from 7 great ideas that have been proven to save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These are strategies you may not be aware of or know how to use them effectively.

In the future, you’ll also receive expert tips from our real estate CPA team to help you save even more!

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Looking for results like this?

Carol and her husband were already a high income household.

They came to Midwest CPA after realizing a large gain on the sale of one of their properties.

By engaging us they were able to reduce their taxable income by over $185,000 and save over $60,000 on their tax bill!

Reduced taxable income by...
Reduced tax liability by...

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