Due Diligence Checklist For Buying A Business

What's inside?

In this free guide we’ve listed key financial information that you as an investor should have in order to effectively analyze all the financial facets of a business.  It’s designed to:

  • Validate the financial health and stability of the business
  • Uncover hidden financial risks or liabilities
  • Help you determine the asking price aligns with the target's true value
  • Review historical financial data against projections
  • Evaluate assets, investments, and their returns
  • Assess operational costs and their impact on profitability
  • Check for any outstanding debts or financial obligations

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How do I benefit?

When you download our financial due diligence checklist for buying a business, you’re arming yourself with a tool that has the potential to save you from costly investment mistakes.

These are insights and checks that many overlook or might not even be aware of.

In the future, you’ll also receive expert tips from our Midwest CPA team to help you along your investment journey. 

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