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The team at Midwest CPA provides acquisition entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and small business owners with expert advisory and outsourced accounting services.

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Outsourced Accounting

Grant yourself the peace of mind that your return is accurate, will be done on time, and will hold up to the closest scrutiny. All this while maximizing your savings.

Tax Preparation

Grant yourself the peace of mind that your return is accurate, will be done on time, and will hold up to the closest scrutiny. All this while maximizing your savings.

Tax Planning

Strategic planning designed specifically for you so you have more money left over to reinvest into your company. Midwest CPA makes it our mission to maximize your tax savings.

Advisory Services

Whether you are just getting started or are ready to take your business to the next level it pays to have an expert from Midwest CPA at your fingertips.

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Who We Serve At Midwest CPA

Real Estate Investors

We help real estate investors save thousands of dollars on their tax bills through our planning and outsourced accounting services.

You will be assigned a dedicated real estate who will partner with you throughout the year to minimize your tax liabilities and streamline your processes.

Acquisition Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re looking to acquire your first business, grow through acquisition, or prepare your company for sale, you need a firm that comprehends the unique challenges you face.

At Midwest CPA, we can help you perform financial due diligence before your buy. Then post-close we provide you the ongoing support you need to grow.

Small Business Owners

We help real estate investors save thousands of dollars on their tax bills through our planning and outsourced accounting services.

You will be assigned a dedicated real estate who will partner with you throughout the year to minimize your tax liabilities and streamline your processes.

Over 85%

…of the prior year returns reviewed by Midwest CPA for new clients
contained mistakes or had left money on the table!

Small business taxation can be incredibly complex, with nuances that can be challenging to grasp unless you work with it daily. At Midwest CPA, you’ll work with an expert that understands the complexities unique to your business.

We take great pride in the extra care we provide to ensure that you only pay what is required and nothing more.

With our deep understanding and specialized knowledge, we are committed to maximizing your tax savings while keeping you in full compliance.

Our Midwest CPA Values


This is the cornerstone of Midwest CPA. We believe all the talent in the world is nothing without integrity. With us you are getting a partner in your corner who holds the interests of you and your business as a top priority.


When you become a client at Midwest CPA, you become apart of our family. We want to help you reach your goals and grow your business. You’ll find we routinely go above and beyond to make sure we earn your business each and every day.


Your business deserves the attention of experts. At Midwest CPA, LLC we are committed to staying up to date on developments in the accounting world and passing that knowledge onto you in a way that makes sense.

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Client Testimonials

Will Gano
Will Gano
Chris is the real deal. He is efficient, thoughtful, and great to work with. He helped me with financial diligence, including q of e, for a manufacturing business.
Matthias Smith
Matthias Smith
Chris is one of the best accountants and it’s not even close. I use him personally and for my business. He is one of the most responsive service providers I’ve ever worked with. My former CPA was great but wasn’t equip to help me as a business owner since the former CPA was focused on personal taxes. Chris has been a truly invaluable partner / collaborator on numerous M&A deals in the small to medium sized business space, providing financial due diligence to various clients that I’ve worked with ranging from a buyer of a demolition company to a buyer of a niche online goods business. LOI If you’re looking for a rock solid CPA or someone that is really good at M&A financial due diligence, look no further than Chris’ firm.
Jackson Speaks
Jackson Speaks
Chris was incredible to work with. He delivered our QOE well before the expected date.
Dr G
Dr G
Working with Midwest CPA was an absolute relief. Given our intricate tax situation involving ties abroad, multiple rental properties, and a non-traditional family structure, I was initially overwhelmed by taxes this year. However, Chris was incredible. Not only was he extremely professional from the get-go, but he also provided ample support, simplifying what could have been a very daunting process. His expertise was evident at every step, making everything comprehensible and straightforward. I cannot thank Chris and Midwest CPA enough for their exemplary service. We'll undoubtedly be entrusting them with our future tax endeavors. Highly recommended!
John Matusewic
John Matusewic
Working with Midwest CPA was a treat. I always dread doing my taxes but the team at Midwest CPA made it easy. They walked me through all my choices were extremely responsive and professional. I can't recommend them enough and intend to rely on them heavily as I continue to grow my business.
Stephanie Tysdal
Stephanie Tysdal
I highly recommend Chris Barrett and Midwest CPA to anyone looking to acquire a business. Chris is a knowledgable and reliable partner in a process that can be difficult to navigate. Throughout the process, Chris was clear in his communication and prompt with responses - always available when needed. I did not end up acquiring the business I hired Midwest CPA to diligence, and I feel confident in that decision thanks to the analysis Chris did and the questions he asked of the seller.
Max Emory
Max Emory
Midwest CPA is an amazing tax strategy, tax prep, and bookkeeping firm! They are very knowledgeable especially when it comes to real estate investing and small business acquisitions. They are masters of income and tax optimization. I highly recommend them!
Jon Kelly
Jon Kelly
Navigating a business acquisition can be a high-stress endeavor that demands precision, speed, and expertise. In our recent acquisition of a roadside repair company, Chris Barrett proved to be an absolute asset, exceeding all expectations. Quick and Thorough: With an incredibly tight timeline, Chris delivered a comprehensive quality of earnings report that addressed every nuance of the roadside repair industry. His insights went far beyond mere numbers, diving deep into complex elements like revenue streams and cost structures. Always Available: Chris's exceptional availability was a game-changer. No matter the hour, he was just an email or phone call away, ensuring our project remained on track and our questions were promptly answered. Clear Communication: Chris has a gift for making complex financial data accessible. His clear and concise reporting streamlined the decision-making process, allowing all stakeholders to proceed with full confidence. On Time, Every Time: Despite the pressure of tight deadlines, Chris delivered high-quality, punctual work that enabled us to move forward with the acquisition in a timely and confident manner. In summary, Chris Barrett is an exceptional CPA who thrives in high-stakes, time-sensitive scenarios. His meticulous work, 24/7 availability, and unparalleled communication skills make him an invaluable asset for any business acquisition. Highly recommended!
Highly responsible, diligent. Looking forward to working with a Chris on several of our businesses.
Jen Burno
Jen Burno
Chris was very attentive and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Very knowledgeable in his field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every real estate investor and business owner can benefit from having a dedicated expert working for them to save on taxes and optimize their accounting processes.

However the majority of our clients find it makes the most sense to hire our firm for monthly bookkeeping after their 3rd or 4th property or after surpassing $250k/year in revenue.

If your business has not reached that level yet you can still benefit from having Midwest CPA setup your accounting processes so that you can efficiently run them on your own.

Further, engaging us for tax planning and tax preparation can provide you with a significant return on investment at any size. If we don’t feel like we will earn our fees we will happily refer you to a lower cost provider better suited to your needs.

Most firms are generalist firms working with many different types of clients. This leads to them lacking the knowledge and understanding specific to real estate or people looking buying and selling businesses.

At Midwest CPA, all of our clients are either real estate investors or business owners. This allows us to communicate with our clients on a different level because we have seen the struggles you face before and understand how to create practical solutions specifically for you.

We also have gained specialized knowledge of the tax code in the industries we work in. This allows us to provide our clients with tax planning strategies that they will not receive from a generalist.

Our typical client will pay an average of $1,000/month between bookkeeping, tax planning, tax preparation, and advisory throughout the year.

Some of our clients pay much more than this while some are a bit lower.

If you are just engaging us for taxes, tax plans start at $3,250 and business tax returns start at $1,000.

Generally no, these are two different services offered by our firm.

We do encourage all of our clients to engage us to create a tax plan for them to implement. We have found that the clients that pay the extra money for tax planning get a much better return on their investment then the ones who only speak to their tax professional once a year for preparation.

This is a common reason we see clients leaving other firms to join Midwest CPA. They feel it is impossible to get a response from their CPA in a timely manner especially during tax time.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with outstanding service and for that reason we make a point to respond to all of our clients within 24 business hours. Even if we can’t fully answer your question right away we will be in constant contact with you at every step in the process.

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