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Complete, accurate, and timely business tax returns that will hold up to the highest scrutiny.

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What we do:

At Midwest CPA we understand the unique challenges that business owners face when it comes to finding the right business tax service provider. With our expert guidance and personalized approach, we ensure that your tax preparation needs are met accurately and efficiently. 

From navigating complex tax codes to maximizing deductions and credits, our dedicated team is here to simplify the process and help you make informed financial decisions for your business. 

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How we deliver:

When you engage us for business tax services we utilize a 3-part system to make sure you have clear communication with your preparer to reduce stress while providing accurate results.


Consultation with a CPA

We’ll dive deep into your unique tax situation, financial goals, and any concerns you may have. Benefit from valuable insights, strategic advice, and a customized plan that optimizes your tax preparation process. Rest easy, knowing that a skilled CPA will guide you with confidence and clarity through your most complex tax matters.


Hassle-Free Preparation

Our dedicated business tax services team handles the entire process efficiently, saving you time and effort. We collect and organize all necessary documents, leverage our expertise to maximize deductions and credits, and ensure accurate and timely filing. 


Delivery and Review

In the final step of our business tax preparation services, we promptly deliver your prepared tax return. However, our commitment goes beyond that. Our team conducts a thorough review for accuracy and completeness, and we take the time to address any remaining questions and provide clarity on your tax situation.

Our Promise to You

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Our careful approach ensures compliance for your business taxes. Feel confident that our expertise and attention to detail will hold up under close scrutiny.

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Our dedicated business tax services team works diligently to prepare and file your return so you can focus on running your business. 

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Our specialized business tax knowledge will help you capture every deduction and credit available to you. Our aim is to help you earn our fee back in tax savings many times over.

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See What Our Clients Have to Say

Will Gano
Will Gano
Chris is the real deal. He is efficient, thoughtful, and great to work with. He helped me with financial diligence, including q of e, for a manufacturing business.
Matthias Smith
Matthias Smith
Chris is one of the best accountants and it’s not even close. I use him personally and for my business. He is one of the most responsive service providers I’ve ever worked with. My former CPA was great but wasn’t equip to help me as a business owner since the former CPA was focused on personal taxes. Chris has been a truly invaluable partner / collaborator on numerous M&A deals in the small to medium sized business space, providing financial due diligence to various clients that I’ve worked with ranging from a buyer of a demolition company to a buyer of a niche online goods business. LOI If you’re looking for a rock solid CPA or someone that is really good at M&A financial due diligence, look no further than Chris’ firm.
Jackson Speaks
Jackson Speaks
Chris was incredible to work with. He delivered our QOE well before the expected date.
Dr G
Dr G
Working with Midwest CPA was an absolute relief. Given our intricate tax situation involving ties abroad, multiple rental properties, and a non-traditional family structure, I was initially overwhelmed by taxes this year. However, Chris was incredible. Not only was he extremely professional from the get-go, but he also provided ample support, simplifying what could have been a very daunting process. His expertise was evident at every step, making everything comprehensible and straightforward. I cannot thank Chris and Midwest CPA enough for their exemplary service. We'll undoubtedly be entrusting them with our future tax endeavors. Highly recommended!
John Matusewic
John Matusewic
Working with Midwest CPA was a treat. I always dread doing my taxes but the team at Midwest CPA made it easy. They walked me through all my choices were extremely responsive and professional. I can't recommend them enough and intend to rely on them heavily as I continue to grow my business.
Stephanie Tysdal
Stephanie Tysdal
I highly recommend Chris Barrett and Midwest CPA to anyone looking to acquire a business. Chris is a knowledgable and reliable partner in a process that can be difficult to navigate. Throughout the process, Chris was clear in his communication and prompt with responses - always available when needed. I did not end up acquiring the business I hired Midwest CPA to diligence, and I feel confident in that decision thanks to the analysis Chris did and the questions he asked of the seller.
Max Emory
Max Emory
Midwest CPA is an amazing tax strategy, tax prep, and bookkeeping firm! They are very knowledgeable especially when it comes to real estate investing and small business acquisitions. They are masters of income and tax optimization. I highly recommend them!
Jon Kelly
Jon Kelly
Navigating a business acquisition can be a high-stress endeavor that demands precision, speed, and expertise. In our recent acquisition of a roadside repair company, Chris Barrett proved to be an absolute asset, exceeding all expectations. Quick and Thorough: With an incredibly tight timeline, Chris delivered a comprehensive quality of earnings report that addressed every nuance of the roadside repair industry. His insights went far beyond mere numbers, diving deep into complex elements like revenue streams and cost structures. Always Available: Chris's exceptional availability was a game-changer. No matter the hour, he was just an email or phone call away, ensuring our project remained on track and our questions were promptly answered. Clear Communication: Chris has a gift for making complex financial data accessible. His clear and concise reporting streamlined the decision-making process, allowing all stakeholders to proceed with full confidence. On Time, Every Time: Despite the pressure of tight deadlines, Chris delivered high-quality, punctual work that enabled us to move forward with the acquisition in a timely and confident manner. In summary, Chris Barrett is an exceptional CPA who thrives in high-stakes, time-sensitive scenarios. His meticulous work, 24/7 availability, and unparalleled communication skills make him an invaluable asset for any business acquisition. Highly recommended!
Highly responsible, diligent. Looking forward to working with a Chris on several of our businesses.
Jen Burno
Jen Burno
Chris was very attentive and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Very knowledgeable in his field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our typical client will pay an average of $1,000/month between bookkeeping, tax planning, tax preparation, and advisory throughout the year.

Some of our clients pay much more than this while some pay a bit less.

If you are just engaging us for taxes, our minimum project cost is $5,000. 

In our experience we are able to generate the best results for our clients when we work with them throughout the year. 

For that reason we recommend engaging us for either tax planning, or bookkeeping in addition to tax preparation.  

Yes, if you engage us for business tax preparation services we will do your individual taxes as well.

March 15 – Taxes are due for partnerships, multi-member LLCs, and S-Corporations

April 15th – Taxes are due for C-Corporations and Schedule C filers

September 15th – Extended returns are due for partnerships, multi-member LLCs, and S-Corporations

October 15th – Extended returns are due for C-Corporations and Schedule C filers

*If any of the above dates fall on a weekend or holiday the due date moves to the next business day.*


For many of our new clients who have not been working with us throughout the year we will file you an extension. This is done in order to ensure your return is done as accurately as possible and that we are able to give it the attention it deserves to achieve the best results for you. 

We will also strategically extend business tax returns for our clients when it makes sense to do so. 

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