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First time working with Midwest CPA as real estate investors and we are very pleased with how quickly Chris answered our questions in detail and put some thought into how we can improve our bookkeeping and overall our tax liabilities. We had a productive meeting going over our tax return with great suggestions and ideas. Thank you Chris!

Real Estate Investor

A Real Estate CPA Firm Built for You

We’ve been there, done that with real estate investors just like you. We understand the challenges you face and are able to help you realize the full potential of your investments while saving you thousands in taxes.

Join us to see what a specialist real estate CPA can do for you!

Real Estate Accounting

A real estate accountant will help you gain clarity and peace of mind by streamlining your financial processes and provide valuable insights to fuel the growth of your portfolio.

Real Estate Tax Preparation

By utilizing a CPA specialized in real estate, you can be confident that you’re working with someone who understands how investors like you can maximize tax savings while minimizing audit risks.

Real Estate Advisory

For investors seeking strategic analysis and tax planning to elevate their portfolio. Discover the proven strategies we employ for clients who have walked the same path.

Looking for Results Like This?

Reduced Taxable Income by…


Reduced Tax Liability by…


Carol and her husband were already a high income household.

They came to Midwest CPA after realizing a large gain on the sale of one of their properties.

By engaging a real estate CPA for both tax planning and tax preparation they were able to reduce their taxable income by over $185,000 and save over $60,000 on their tax bill!

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Why Should you use a CPA Specializing in Real Estate?

The US tax code is very complicated.

Real estate taxation is one of the most complicated aspects of that tax code.

For this reason a generalist CPA will not be able to understand all of the complexities involved because they don’t focus on it everyday like a real estate CPA does.

It is for this reason that nearly every new client that comes to Midwest CPA has either filed a return with errors or left money on the table.

These missed opportunities and mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars.

With a CPA specializing in real estate you know you are working with someone who understands your unique tax situation.

The Benefits of a Real Estate CPA

Greater Tax Savings

You shouldn’t have to wonder if you took advantage of every savings opportunity available to you.

A CPA specializing in real estate will already know what strategies you should be using and which ones don’t apply to you.

real estate expert icon
Real Estate Expert

We hear it all the time… “My accountant doesn’t understand me! I feel like I’m teaching him!”

A real estate CPA will speak your language and give proactive guidance so you can save money and improve your portfolio.

peace of mind icon
Peace of Mind

No one wants to be audited by the IRS and if you are you want to be prepared.

A real estate CPA will help you understand the contents of your return and guide you towards maintaining strong support for the positions you take.

Looking for Results Like This?

Reduced Taxable Income by…


Reduced Effective Tax Rate to

Below 10%

Dan had taken a large distribution from his 401k in order to invest in real estate.

When he learned of the huge amount of taxes he was going to need to pay he went looking for help.

He found just the help he was looking for in a specialized real estate CPA from Midwest CPA. After engaging us for tax planning and preparation he was able to reduce his effective tax rate down below 10% and reduce his taxable income by over $265,000!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your unique situation and goals. For most investors we find that once you’ve reach 4 doors it will start to makes sense to hire someone to do your accounting for you.


When it comes to taxes all real estate professionals and investors can benefit from utilizing a CPA that is specialized in real estate. We can help you not only make sure your return is accurate but determine what opportunities are available to you for tax savings.

Generally yes. As part of our onboarding process we always review your prior return. If it makes sense we may recommend amending the return and can assist with doing so.

Yes, in order to stay on top of the changes to the tax code each tax pro will take a minimum of 40 hours/year of continuing professional education.

Your tax bill is made up of 4 parts.

  1. Professional fees
  2. Your time
  3. Your peace of mind
  4. The taxes you pay

At Midwest CPA we aim to reduce the sum of all 4 of these parts. Not just our professional fees.

We charge more because when you get a real estate CPA you are getting additional time and attention to ensure your savings are maximized and that your return is as accurate as possible.

We work with all types of real estate professionals and investors. This includes residential real estate, commercial property, syndicators, flippers, wholesalers, agents, and more!

Contact us today to learn how a real estate CPA can serve you.

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